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YAPC Europe Foundation - Information for Event Organizers

This page contains information for groups organizing Perl events.

YEF can assist event organizers in three main ways:

Please click on the links listed above to learn more about these services. Note that assistance is subject to requirements, which are listed below by event type: conferences, workshops, and hackathons.


The YAPC::Europe conference is the one event where YEF (specifically the Venue committee) has a hand in selecting the organizers and the venue. This is because only one event is held annually.

Groups interested in hosting a YAPC::Europe can read more about the selection process and schedule. The information on this page assumes you have already been selected to host a YAPC::Europe.

The maximum donation for the YAPC::Europe conference is € 1000. Since 2009, the donation is automatically granted. Once the organizers have been notified that their venue has been selected, YEF's treasurer will send an email with information on arranging the transfer, which can generally be made in August.

As a conference organizer, you are invited to use the general conferences mailing list for public discussions and announcements relating to the conference.


Workshops are usually regional, with a region corresponding to a country (such as Germany) or a small group of countries (the Nordic Perl Workshop, for instance). Any group can organize a workshop, but it's generally best not to try to organize an event which would compete with an existing workshop. Consider speaking with previous organizers to get an idea of what is involved in organizing a workshop. You may also wish to view stories from previous workshop organizers about their experiences.

The maximum donation for a workshop is € 500. The donation is never automatically granted; it must be specifically requested.

As a workshop organizer, you are invited to send a mail to the workshop committee to be given access to the closed workshop organizer's mailing list where you can discuss aspects of workshop organization with other organizers.


Hackathons can be organized by a smaller team because fewer participants are involved. As with workshops, there is no central authority, but people who are considering hosting hackathons ought to discuss their plans on the conference organizer's mailing list to ensure that there won't be a conflicting event. The Chicago hackathon produced a document about the lessons learnt in the process of organizing a hackathon.

The maximum donation for a hackathon is € 500. The donation is never automatically granted; it must be specifically requested.

As a prospective hackathon organizer, you are invited to join the hackathon mailing list (not hosted by YEF) to discuss hackathon organization and planning.