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YAPC Europe Foundation - Workshops: Stories

Over the years, many workshops have been organized. Workshops connect with local Perl users and invite them to become members of the larger Perl community.

Most of the attempts to codify information have focused on the task of organizing a YAPC::Europe conference Although much of this information is also of value to workshop organizers, it is not all applicable. We hope to collect the experiences of workshop organizers for the benefit of future workshop organizers. Some stories are in narrative format, while others focus on figures. If you have a workshop story to share, please contact the web committee.

For information about YEF's role in workshop organization or links to YAPC::Europe documentation, please visit the organizers' section. A list of upcoming and previous workshops can be found on the workshops page.

Stories: Italian Perl Workshop 2008

Italian Perl Workshop (2008)

by Enrico Sorcinelli
The IPW 2008 team consisted of Enrico Sorcinelli, Francesco Nidito, Gianni Ceccarelli, Giuseppe D'Angelo, and Michele Beltrame. A similar report was published on Use Perl.

The organization would like to thank you: without YEF (Act, on line payments, etc.), the workshop would not have been so successful! :-)

On September 18 and 19, 2008, the Italian Perl Workshop 2008 took place at the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa.

It was a huge success; here are some numbers: 2 days of conference, 2 parallel tracks, more than 30 talks, 120 attendees, 20 sponsors, 3 patrons (Comune di Pisa, YAPC::Europe Foundation, Perl Foundation), and many international guests, including: Tim Bunce, Rafaël Garcia-Suarez, Marcus Ramberg and Matt S Trout.

It's been very satisfying for us to hear the positive feedback of guests, speakers, participants and of sponsors.

More in depth: the IPW team worked very hard in order to make this the best Italian workshop ever. In particular we took great care in public relations with our sponsors.

Here are some numbers relating to behind the scenes action :-)

We think that with IPW 2008 we contributed to the building of a stronger Perl community in Italy and not only.

Here is the conference photogallery.