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YAPC Europe Foundation - Donating to YAPC::Europe Foundation

This page is about how you can make a donation to YEF. If you wanted to know how you can request a donation for your Perl event from YEF, please refer to organizer information.

We do not currently have an automated system which can accept donations to YEF. If you would like to make a donation to YEF, please send a letter to the general address telling us how much you would like to donate.

Our treasurer will respond with information on how to make a transfer to our account. Please use 'DONATION' as the first word of the description.

Once the donation is made, our chair will send you a letter thanking you for the donation. This letter can be used to prove to tax authorities that you have made a donation.

Waiting for our own Paypal system, we have a partnership with the French Perl Mongers. You can use the button below and they will transfer the money to us.

Thank you for considering a donation to YEF.