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YAPC Europe Foundation - Events

The primary goal of YEF is to promote Perl events in Europe. Events can range from conferences to workshops to hackathons. We do not directly organize the events, but instead provide assistance to local teams of organizers.


The YAPC, or 'Yet Another Perl Conference', is an annual event. Each year a different host city is selected. Conferences are pan-European, with English being the primary language of the event.


Workshops are typically smaller than conferences, and aim to attract a local audience. Consequently, talks are frequently given in the regional language(s), or a mix of the local language(s) and English.

Regions usually correspond with a country or a small group of countries and there is typically at most one workshop per region annually. This means that there are several workshops across Europe each year.


Hackathons are intense events where people with a common interest in a project or projects meet together to work on that project in particular. Instead of having formal talks, participants work together.

Hackathons can have a large geographic scope, and there may be several of them annually.

Worldwide Perl conferences

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) maintains a YAML file with as much information as possible on all Perl conferences that happened over the years.

The Perl Conferences Database contains information about 333 conferences so far. The timeline of Perl conferences (generated using the database) provides a view of Perl conferences activity over time.