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jonasbn (Jonas B. Nielsen) is a freelance perl consultant based in Copenhagen/Denmark attempting go get the self-funded ISV logicLAB up and running.

jonasbn comes from a background in the telco business with focus on web development of back office, Internet portals, websites, value added services and applications.

jonasbn is active in the danish Perl community, an active member of the Copenhagen Perl Mongers, CPAN contributor and very ambitious geek with too little time and too long a TODO list.

Company: logicLAB
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Contact: PAUSE: jonasbn
use.perl: jonasbn
IRC: jonasbn
ICQ: 62401545
AIM: BjonasN
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Thursday The Onion Room 1735 20 micro-ISV
Friday The Onion Room 1010 20 logicShop