logicShop - jonasbn
Friday, The Onion Room, 1010, 20 mins

Level: Introductory-intermediate

This is a presentation of the primary product of the evolving micro-ISV logicShop.

logicShop is an open source e-commerce platform implemented using Perl and PostgreSQL. Its aim is managing the complexity of products, price strategies and customers and all of the aspects involved in, and required by, a modern e-commerce/web-shop solution.

logicShop provides all the basic functionality required by an online shopping platform at the same time it addresses a few aspects and special cases using a flexible data model and the power of Perl. The platform, in its current implementation, has been implemented using Class::DBI and several other CPAN modules. Front-ends are being implemented in several different frameworks, Catalyst being one of them.

This paper will not go through all of the implementation of logicShop, but will focus on some of the special cases and their implementations.

  • Flexible customer datamodel, model and object mapping.
  • Integration toward logicstic and day-to-day business via a rule-based back-end.
  • Controlling presentation from the model.
  • Architecture, views and tables.
  • Prices, currencies and taxes.
  • Controlling business-logic from the model.
  • The intelligent cart.

logicShop is the flagship product in logicLAB and integrates with several other products in the logicLAB portfolio.