YAPC::Europe::2006 Perl Conference FAQ

In the final Day of talks at YAPC::Europe::Braga 2005 it was announced that Birmingham Perl Mongers were successful in their bid to host the 2006 European Perl Conference. The purpose of this document is to attempt to put forward the current "State of Affairs" in relation to this.


Hosting a YAPC is a relatively complex process, it involves contracts, legal issues, sponsorship and a myriad of other tasks which require co-ordination. Therefore, please don't be surprised that things will take a while. We are working very busily to try to tie up all loose ends, so we can tell you things with the full expectation of events happening as planned. Until a few more things are nailed down, it would be irresponsible to create any false expectations.

Rest assured that we will be giving a full overview of this process to the YAPC Europe Foundation, and we are confident we can deliver an excellent YAPC in 2006.

Answers to Specific Questions

I think I can help.

  • An organisation I work for/ run may be able to provide sponsorship.

    That's great, please contact The Organisers, who will be happy to discuss this with you.

  • We may have products and services that you may wish to consider.

    Please bare in mind that this is a grassroots event run on a volunteer basis. However, if you really think we may be interested, then please email The Organisers, and we may contact you if we feel your services are relevant.

  • I would like to provide help and assistance on a volunteer basis.

    Great, please contact us at The Organisers. We have already formed an organisational committee, and already allocated many key tasks. However, we are eager to encourage anyone willing to help us out with some of the non urgent tasks, as well as add numbers to some of the labourious tasks.

I have a question that isn't covered by the above

Please email us at The Organisers, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer, if there is one.