The Organisers

All the following people have helped to put this conference together. From the guys at the top, to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to help make the things that need to happen, happen. We thank you all.

Primary Tasks

  • Project Manager: Barbie
  • Company Secretary: Steve Pitchford
  • Venue & Accommodation Liaison: Brian McCauley?
  • Technical Co-ordinator: JJ & Brian
  • Sponsor Liaison: Barbie
  • Press Officer: Barbie
  • Conference Staff Co-ordinator: TBA
  • Data Protection Co-ordinator: Brian

The Movie

  • Director: Steve
  • Typography: Barbie
  • Sepia & Coversion: JJ
  • Flash Animation: Mel Howe
  • Music: Stuart Estell

Websites & Lists

  • Conference Website Design: Barbie, Mel & Lynsey
  • Conference Website Coding: Barbie
  • Wiki Design: JJ & Chris
  • Wiki Coding: Barbie
  • Banners: JJ
  • Conference Website Admin: Barbie
  • Mailing List Admin: JJ
  • Technical Support: JJ & Jon Brookes
  • E-Commerce Admin: Steve, JJ & Barbie

Advice & Help

Despite no official title, all the following have helped and given advice whenever it's been asked, and even when we didn't know we could ask :)

  • Andrew Stringer
  • Karen Pauley
  • Ade Bradshaw