micro-ISV - jonasbn
Thursday, The Onion Room, 1735, 20 mins

Level: Introductory, non-technical

This talk is somewhat of a sequel to a presentation given in Belfast for YAPC::Europe::2004. The talk was on working as a freelance Perl programmer and among other things it used very valuable advice from Eric Sink's blog on MSDN.

Today Eric has published a book on the business of software and ISVs. jonasbn, since the presentation in Belfast, has come closer to his vision of becoming an ISV instead of working as a freelance consultant.

This talk is founded on my own experiences and ideas, together with two titles published by Apress on the subject of ISVs and the new buzzy term micro-ISVs.

  • Eric Sink on the Business of Software
  • Bob Walsh, micro-ISV from vision to reality

jonasbn is in the process of releasing his first SW product logicShop under the label of micro-ISV. The presentation will list advice and pitfalls on the bumpy road-map to product delivery for small independent software vendors.