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The sponsor pumpqueen is Regina Burbach and she should be your first port of call if you are considering sponsorship.

Sponsoring an event such as the YAPC::Europe::2002 is not to be taken lightly, there are several things a potential sponsor should be aware of.

Firstly this is not a business event of any kind.

It is rather, a grassroots gathering of like-minded enthusiastic perl programmers who are coming together to discuss the language of choice, share knowledge and generally soak up a bit of atmosphere. If, along the way, the odd bit of business gets done, someone finds a job, perhaps an idea is sparked by a conversation with a peer, that turns profitable, all well and good. This is however not the prime purpose of the event. There is no promise of 'you give us x, we will give you y in return'! Once we get this kind of sales angle out of the way, we should be on firmer footing.

Primarily, we hope that potential sponsors may look on our event, as a simple way of supporting the colossal, ongoing, that goes into developing and maintaining the perl programming language for free, for as long as it takes, in an Open Source spirit. Many many companies reap the benefit of this free development, testing, debugging and support system that is perl, without ever being asked for a penny in return, and this conference is a simple way of giving something back to all those enthusiastic volunteers.

Specifically what we do by way of acknowledgement (and it's not much):

  • In the run up to, and during, the conference, sponsors will be mentioned on our sponsors page, with if supplied, a link to their respective home page.
  • It will be noted on the sponsoring page, who provided what.
  • Each sponsor will be mentioned individually at the final assembly thanks,
  • Sponsors may drop a little something in the Conference Bag, if people might find it useful.
  • There will be a poster/information wall where sponsor details can be found, during the 3 days.

Finally - we hope that sponsoring this conference makes you feel good.

If it so happens that you recieve some direct, or indirect, benefit via 300 to 500 IT professionals, from all around the world, becoming aware of your contribution, then that would be a pleasant bonus.

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