YAPC::Europe::2002 ->Speakers;

While official (do we care?) opening for submissions is open from January 2002, the first speakers booked their spots as early as October 2001!

Please note that speakers, (potential or confirmed), should still register through the normal channels. That way, we'll still have some idea of how many people are actually coming :-)

Some speakers are also sponsors.

We proudly announce the following speakers:

R. Geoffrey AveryModuleMaker
Axel BeckertHow to Build Large Scale Websites/Web Applications With Embperl 2.0
Hendrik van BelleghemSource Filters in Perl
Arthur BergmanThreads
Typed Perl
Perl 5.8 At Last
Jos BoumansPOE for Beginners
Introduction to OO Programming
Johan van den BrandeSend and Receive SMS messages using a GSM modem
H.Merijn BrandSmoking Bleadperl
Martin BrechLessons from a failed Perl-XS project
Leon BrocardThe Acme::* Modules
Nicholas ClarkWhen perl is not quite fast enough
Damian ConwayExtreme Perl
Perl 6 Prospective (with Larry Wall)
Redvers DaviesDeveloping GUI applications with Gtk.pm
Jozsef DojcsakOpenMMS - Telco Industire meets perl - Implementing an MMS Server in perl
James A DuncanWe're not Building a F******g House!
OpenFrame Application Server
Mark FowlerExtending the Template Toolkit
Claes JacobssonImaging with Perl (Imager)
Richard JelinekIntelligent Autonomous Avatars
Paul JohnsonTesting and Code Coverage
Alejandro Juárez Robles
Gunnar Wolf
Writing secure applications
Thomas KlausnerThe Dark Art of Obfuscation
Andreas J. KönigWAIT@oreilly.de
Wolfgang LaunELEKTRA Peripheral Simulation: A Perl Application Program
Greg McCarrollThe simulation and visualisation of objects in 3D space
Juan J. MereloEvolutionary Computation in Perl
Mark OvermeerCreepy featurism
E-Mail Processing with Perl
Karen PauleyCase Study: Psychometric Testing with Perl
Stéphane PayrardNemo: TeXmacs the Scientific Editor with Perl
Tom PhoenixPractical Web Programming
Allison RandalOn Topic and Topicalizers in Perl 6
Hugo van der SandenPerl 5.10
software team SANFACECan a company use Perl to develop (and sell) commercial tools?
Michael G SchwernAdvanced Testing
Bull In A China Shop, Canary In A Coal Mine
Tales Of Refactoring: Remaking MakeMaker and Other Horrors
Jonathan StoweHow to Integrate Anything with SOAP
Dan SugalskiInside Parrot
Gabor SzaboIntroducing Perltraining.org
How to write slow algorithms quickly in Perl ?
Jouke VisserwxPerl - another portable GUI for Perl
Casey WestCreating Dynamic Sites in a Flash with the Template Toolkit
Introduction to Net::DNS
Douglas WhiteDistributed Hashing With Sexeger Improvements
Lucy McWilliamsSex, Flies and Microarrays

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