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Media enquiries may be addressed to media@yapceurope.org

There is a page of things that need sponsoring

Any sponsorship enquires should in the first instance be addressed to the sponsor pumpkoenigin Regina Burbach <burbach@gwl.de> or sponsor@yapceurope.org Michael Waider is also pumpking for sponsor goodies, that is generally the handling of t-shirts and contents of conference bags etc. These 2 roles have some overlap.

Regina is working on a proper list of sponsors, here's what we have in the meantime:

O'Reilly O'Reilly & associates
O'Reilly Deutschland
books and more  
Nanoware Leon Brocard the rent for a room acme@astray.com
InterNetX InterNetX GmbH live streaming  
Galileo Press Galileo Press books and more  
Deitel Deitel & Associates Inc. books
mobile.de mobile.de AG pads, pens, and rent for a room
Addison Wesley Addison Wesley books and more  
Leibniz-Rechenzentrum Leibniz-Rechenzentrum Wave LAN  
PetaMem PetaMem CD's  
Activestate Activestate Goodies  
Fotango Fotango the rent for a room  
Leolo Leolo the rent for a room  
Manning Publications Manning Publications books  
Max-Plank-Institut für Astrophysik Max-Plank-Institut für Astrophysik conference badges, conference posters, etc.  

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