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YAPC Europe Foundation - YAPC::Europe Proposal Questions: Pisa

- Balance Sheet
* Can you provide clearer examples of your financial expectations? The numbers 
  provided don't add up. Could you be more explicit as to the numbers used to 
  calculate the attendee income, and venue costs. 40% @ 80 + 60% @ 110 doesn't 
  equate. Venue costs are listed as 16144, but balance sheet lists 11000.
  Additonal costs for speaker expenses, etc don't appear to be included.
* Please include costs/expenses with all taxes included, is it unknown what is
  and isn't a taxable item.
* What are your anticipated sponsor targets?

- Attendance fees
* Will there be a student rate?
* Do you plan to offer a receipt for attendees?
* What rate do you plan to charge for the corporate attendees?

- Venue
* What will be offered at the coffee breaks--just drinks, or food as well?
* Please describe what is intended in terms of catering.  Will food be
  included, or only drinks at the coffee breaks?  What meals do you plan
  to provide?  Are there options suitable for vegetarians/vegans?  Are
  there places near the venue where attendees can obtain food?
* It was mentioned that a bakery might be selling sandwiches and other
  light foods.  Will there be vegetarian and vegan options as well?

- Services
* You mention translation services for speakers.  Does this refer to 
  the material in the talks?  Could you please explain what is meant?

- WiFi
* You state that the WiFi is included in the venue.  How will attendees
  be given access to the WiFi--will they be given a special account, or
  have to sign a waiver?  Are you making a deal with the venue, or is there
  a third-party supplier?  
* What capacity do you expect to have?
* Is the network capable of supporting at least 300 dynamic IP addresses?
* Is the network open? Can it be used for HTTP/S, SSH, IRC as a minimum?
* Will there be any facilities for people without laptops or without wireless?

- Electricity
* You stated that there are many power outlets.  Does this mean that there
  are sufficient outlets for 100-200 laptops at a time?
* If not, will there be extension leads?

- Previous workshop attendance
* how likely are you to increase the attendance from Italy?

- Dates
* How many days do you plan for the conference?

- Promotion
* How do you plan to publicize the event?
* How will you keep attendees informed throughout the year?

- Audio & video recording
* How are you planning to gain permission to record speakers?
* Are you planning to stream all talks, or only those speakers agree to?

- Survey
* Are you not planning to use the survey system currently used for YAPCs? See for further details. Note that individual talk & 
  course surveys are also being provided by the online system.

- Hotels
* Do hotels provide wired or wifi internet access?
* Does one hotel have enough rooms to accommodate all or most attendees?

- Safety
* How safe are the venue and hotel, and the locations around them, bearing in
  mind many attendees will have laptops, cameras, phones, etc.

* How difficult would it be for someone to navigate the city speaking
  only English?  What languages other than Italian do the inhabitants
  of Pisa generally know?
* What is the weather like in Pisa in August?