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YAPC Europe Foundation - Reboot Perl Conference organization in Europe

After 15 years of work, the current YEF setup is not working too well anymore. Therefore, we would like to invite all people who want to continue to have informative, fun, cool (and maybe slightly crazy) Perl conferences and events in Europe to join us.

At the Perl conference in Glasgow we had an open meeting ("BoF") where we discussed these issues and came up with a lot of great ideas. After some further YEF-internal discussion, I boiled it down to this mission statement:

The mission

Assemble a group of people who are interested in (and capable of) organizing Perl events in Europe; define tools we can use; share our knowledge; so we can continue to have great Perl Events, with a focus on "the conference previously known as YAPC".

The Plan (as of now)

  1. Invite interested people (happening right now!)
  2. Spend a few weeks bootstrapping, discussing the goals and what tools we want use to reach those goals (during September)
  3. Set up tools (beginning of October)
  4. Start with the proper work (mid October)

Your action is required!

If you want to join, please subscribe to the YEF Venue mailinglist via the web interface or by sending a mail to

Please note that we will start with the proper work only after 2018-09-17, so we can give new members time to subscribe!

Looking forward to some interesting discussions followed by productive work,
domm (Thomas Klausner)