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YAPC Europe Foundation - Setting up the online payment system for a conference using Act


Setting up the online payment system for a conference using Act

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This procedure starts after the organisers are ready to organise their conference, have decided to use the Act conference management system, and have contacted the people responsible for Act.

See for details. [FIXME - this site should explicitely list some contact information for setting up an Act web site.]


Contact YEF

If the conference organisers want to use the YEF online payment system, they should contact YEF to sign a contract.

A template of the contract is available on YEF's website at the following address: FIXME.

Fill-in and sign the contract with YEF

The organisers send the required information:

This information is used to produce a PDF file of a contract of which print two copies shoudl printed, signed and send to YEF by the organisers.

YEF will send back one copy signed by its Chairperson.

Setup the online payment system in the Act configuration

The YEF online payment system in Act will be enabled only once the contract is signed and approved by YEF. This is done by the Act administrators (they are not necessary members of YEF).

Organise the conference and receive payments

During this pre-conference time, payments are received on the online payment system.

During this period of time, YEF's treasurer sends the money on a regular basis. The periodicity and mean of payment (cheque, transfer, etc) is to be discussed between the treasurer and the organisers on a per-conference basis.

YEF treasurer will never sens more than what the attendees have paid (that is to say: YEF does not give "advance money"). The treasurer will also send a short summary to the board each time he sends money to conference organisers.

95% of the payment will be paid before the conference. The remaining 5% (in case of fraudulent payments not yet detected by the bank) will be paid at most 4 months after the end of the conference.

Close the online payment system

The online payment system will be closed on the day after the end of the conference.

YEF publishes the payment information

As stated in the contract:

    The Foundation treasurer will publish a detailled account of the money
    received, paid and transfered for the Conference. A printed copy
    signed by the Foundation's Treasurer will be send to the Organiser
    no further than *two months* after the end of the Conference.

YEF will also publish a yearly status on its profits and expenses, particularly how much the foundation received from the online payment system, how much it paid in fees, and how much money was send, for each conference that used the online payment system. This should be a 3 line summary for each conference.