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YAPC Europe Foundation - Members of the YAPC Europe Foundation


Members of the YAPC Europe Foundation

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This procedure describes the roles of the different members of the YAPC Europe Foundation, as well as the procedure to include new members.


Official members

According to the legal status of the Foundation, the "board members" are those who are registered at the "chamber of commerce" in the Netherlands.

To avoid confusion, they are called "official members" (or "officials" for short) within the Foundation.

The officials are liable for the foundation in the legal sense. They are registered and their duties are stated in the "statutes of the foundation".

To add or to change "officials" the Foundation has to apply at the "chamber of commerce" again.

The powers of the official are described in the statutes and derive from the fact that they are legaly responsible of the actions of the Foundation.

The powers of the officials are described below.

Co-opted members

All other members are "co-opted members" or "officers" ("coops" for short).

The coops are designated by the officials.


The officials

The officials can:

The board

The board consist of the officials plus the coops.

The officials have decided that the board can decide on all issues, except the 4 mentioned above. The board therefore decides for instance on issues like:

When the board has to decide on any issue, the board can set a deadline for their members to reach a decision. Until that deadline, board members can discuss all aspects of the issue, put forward their objections, investigate alternatives, prices, pro's, con's, etc. When the deadline is reached, all board members vote. The whole board will accept the outcome of the vote.


Committees are created by the board, which also selects their members.

Committees don't vote on membership of committee members or proposals. They discuss an issue, write a proposal which includes the choices which they discussed, the alternatives, pro's and con's, any money involved, deadlines, etc, and of course the decision that they think the board has to make. A committee can propose to appoint a new committee member. The committee proposes and explains why the proposal is as it is, the board decides (rubberstamps).

Of course, most of the time the board has seen at least parts of the discussion of the committee. Often, one or more of the board members will be committee members too. Therefore, it will be a seldom occasion that that the board will vote against a committee proposal.

Committees don't need to have a board member as committee member.

The current list of committees is:


The board will ask selected organizers of previous (and current) YAPC::Europe conferences if they are interested to become a member of the YAPC Venue Committee.

The same for selected organizers of previous Perl Workshops, for the Workshop Committee.