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Name Matt S Trout
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Matt S Trout is a pure mathematics graduate who accidentally got addicted to perl as a result of a nasty backup accident and has been coding for fun, profit and occasionally just to prove a point since, resulting in him becoming the lead technical staffer of Shadowcat Systems Ltd., an open-source software development and consultancy firm, one of the core team members of the Catalyst web framework project and the founder and lead developer of the Object-Relational Mapping library DBIx::Class.

Company: Shadowcat Systems Limited
Day Room Start Length Title
Wednesday The Shadowcat Room 1400 180 Catalyst/DBIx::Class BOF
Thursday The Onion Room 1210 20 ORM sans frontiers - bridging continents and SQL dialects
Thursday The Morgan Stanley Room 1400 20 Out of the Crucible - Catalyst Quickstart
Thursday The Morgan Stanley Room 1420 20 Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes - Cooking with Catalyst