ORM sans frontiers - bridging continents and SQL dialects - Matt S Trout
Thursday, The Onion Room, 1210, 20 mins

The genesis of DBIx::Class and how its freedom with commit bits and obsession with cross-database compatibility and stable interfaces has resulted in a large and active user and developer community. Or, "how I found cool people all over the world and persuaded them to write code and docs".

Main points:

  • Origin of DBIC as a tmtm-approved research project to build a better CDBI
  • users, developers, and how to convert them
  • why you need a profound and vehement hatred of databases to maintain an ORM
  • documenters, or, "no, I didn't write the docs. that's a good thing."
  • optimising repositories for distributed development
  • letting people get on with stuff, or, "an effective BDFL never dictates"
  • dear lord, they're talking to AS/400s with it now. seriously.