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Name Bernd Ulmann
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Born in 1970, I early became interested in computing and programming languages. Since I could never decide to either build computers using TTL or FPGAs or program them, I decided to become a mathematician by profession which first brought me into the development of medical measurement equipment (hardware), then I was programming control systems for petrochemical plants using VAX-Fortran an MACRO-32 and finally I got employed by a rather large bank, now programming mainly in Perl and C with occasional usage of Python (*argh*) and some S/3x0 assembler. :-) Currently I am a project manager for a project in which we implement interfaces for sending and receiving SWIFT messages.

Apart from this I spend my time collecting VAX-systems and other (mainly DEC) machines/mainframes and analog computers which I like to maintain and program in my spare time.

Company: Landesbank Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
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Day Room Start Length Title
Thursday The Camel Room 1735 20 Lithp? APL!
Friday The Camel Room 0945 20 Perl on MVS/USS and the Art of SWIFT-Message Handling