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A student, hacker and Christian, Jonathan has been coding in Perl for over 5 years. Raised in the north of England where the cold and wet climate was conducive to learning programming, he later ventured south to study computer science at the University of Cambridge. This forged him down the dark and mysterious paths of compilers, language design, formal semantics and type systems.

Despite his increasingly theoretic tendencies, Jonathan is at heart a real programmer. He is actively involved in Parrot development and produces publicly available Windows builds of both Pugs and Parrot. Most recently he has been crossing ideological boundaries with a translator from the .Net platform to the Parrot virtual machine.

Jonathan has given talks at YAPC::EU::2005, the London Perl Workshop, Scarborough LUG and the Cambridge University Programming Research Group on topics in Perl and Parrot. He has also published various articles including "Symbolic Algebra & Calculus in Perl" in The Perl Journal.

In his copious free time he enjoys music, movies and mountain walking. He is involved in Christian youthwork, for which he has also written music, and has been involved with international student outreach in Cambridge.

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