Searching With Perl - Kevin Falcone
Wednesday, The Morgan Stanley Room, 1510, 20 mins

In the last few years, several new searching modules for Perl have come into being. These challengers have risen to provide some choices other than Plucene, which was the only option for a long time. Kinosearch and Search::Xapian approach the same problem set with new techniques. CLucene and Lucene attempt to provide a similar set of functionality as Plucene but be much much faster.

Speed isn't the end all and be all of searching, but it is important. In this talk I'll compare indexing and searching over my corpus, but I'll also consider the more mundane tasks of programming with the library you've chosen. Some common things (filtering what is indexed, highlighting results, finding relevance) have very different techniques depending on the library you choose. Hopefully some sample code and results of the benchmarks will help people in choosing what modules to build their application around.