Fun with POE - Jan-Pieter Cornet
Thursday, The Camel Room, 1100, 90 mins

This talk shows a demonstration of a simple POE project: an IRC bot that is extended to include some very special functionality that turns the audience into a dynamic DNS zone, thus welcoming the audience to join in the fun with their laptops (a substantial portion of the people in the audience will be chatting on irc anyway, so why not try and drag them into the Talk some more by allowing some interaction).

The talk explains the big, easy stuff first: POE Components, and sets you smack in the middle of the POE universe. Only after those basics are covered, do we dive into some nitty-gritty detail that delves down to low-level POE stuff like Drivers, Wheels and Filters.

This introduction is intended for everyone that has no or only little prior knowledge of POE, but contains a few gems that makes it interesting for the more advanced users (like a UDP SendRecv Driver :).

I will then also describe POE signalling some more, using time-out mechanisms as an example, and give some in-depth examples and explanation of the most commonly used POE modules, such as P::W::SocketFactory, P::W::Run, P::C::Client::TCP and P::C::Server::TCP, and P::Filter::Line.

I originally held a first version of this talk at the Dutch Perl Workshop, with example code available online at: