Advanced Perl DBI - Tim Bunce
Thursday, The Camel Room, 1400, 180 mins

Audience Level: Experienced

Audience Type: Intermediate to advanced Perl programmers with a basic understanding of the DBI and a desire to know more.

Learn how the DBI works and how to get the best out of it, including how to maximize speed, safety, reliability, and portability.

This year, Bunce has updated his popular tutorial again to include more coverage of recently added DBI features.

Course Outline:

  • Speed, speed, speed: what helps, what doesn't; database design, application partitioning, network latency, stored procedures, caching etc. Profiling and working with DBI::Profile data.
  • Handling handles and binding values; your TYPE or mine?
  • Error checking, recovery, and transactions; PrintError, RaiseError, and HandleError; the importance of error checking and the virtues of eval.
  • How transactions and RaiseError work together.
  • Wheels within wheels: The architecture and how to see inside it using trace.
  • DBI for the Web: Connect speed, state-less-ness, browsing pages of results, concurrent editing and optimistic locking, security tainting.
  • Handling LONG/BLOB data.
  • Database and Platform Portability: Database and driver metadata, SQL dialects.
  • DBD::Proxy and DBD::Multiplex.
  • DBI::PurePerl.
  • What's new and what's planned.