CPANTS Hackathon - domm
Thursday, The Shadowcat Room, 1400, 180 mins

In hosting a CPANTS hackathon I'd like to:

  • Give a short intro on CPANTS.
  • Show how to write metrics .
  • Brainstorm for more metrics.
  • Code them!

Every participant will need a laptop with WiFi capabilities, svn/svk clients and some CPAN modules preinstalled (I can provide a list). I will provide a tarball with ~100 dists to test metrics on and an svn server.

The Hackathon itself could last from 60-180 minutes (and could very well be informally extended afterwards. :-)

After the Hackathon I could integrate the new metrics and start a proper run over the whole of CPAN. Which will take several hours, so results would be available on the next day.