CPAN and its tools - domm
Wednesday, The Onion Room, 1100, 40 mins

I'll take a very close look on CPAN and its tools. The talk is aimed at CPAN beginners to intermediate users, though pros should also learn a thing or two.

  • CPAN itself
    • what various files (02packages.details.txt.gz, ..) do
    • tools to work with those files (Parse::CPAN::*)
    • history
    • how to get an account
    • upload/delete stuff
  • Installation of dist using and CPANPLUS (very brief)
  • mirroring (rsync, CPAN::Mini)
  • BackPAN
  • CPAN Testers
  • RT
  • CPAN Forum and Ratings
  • AnnoCPAN
  • future of CPAN (6PAN, FreePAN, ..)
  • Bonus Material (targeted at authors):
    • dist layout
    • dist housekeeping (Module::Build etc)
    • META.yml

I think that a lot of CPAN-releated info is hidden in some mailing lists and only known to a certain few people. One goal of my talk is to collect this knowledge and make it more easily accessable - heh, now the talk even fits to the conference theme :-)