Perl Hacks You May Not Know - chromatic
Wednesday, The Morgan Stanley Room, 1400, 40 mins

Perl is a rich language with decades of history. Unlike other languages that revel in oversimplicity, Perl has dark and hidden corners that reward careful programmers willing to experiment and play.

Why should you have to devote yourself to years of study to find them? Why not skip ahead in your education and learn a few weird and wonderful features waiting for you to tame and use them to solve difficult and fun problems? chromatic will demonstrate at least five Perl hacks you probably don't know about. It's up to you to use them productively.

Additional information: I plan to take three of the hacks from the book. I do have some new ideas about some of the hacks, so there will be new material. I also hope to show off at least one of user-defined pragmas, improved coderef-in-@INC, and using C libraries without a compiler.