The Parrot Compiler Tools - Allison Randal
Wednesday, The Onion Room, 1450, 40 mins

The core of the Parrot compiler tool suite is the fuel-injected dual-turbine of PGE and TGE, Parrot's parser and tree transformation engines. While these tools have their roots in regular expressions, recursive descent parsing, and attribute grammars, they are so far beyond these dusty archaic fields of study that they have been called "revolutionary".

This talk is a tour through some of the languages currently being implemented on Parrot (APL, Scheme, Perl 1, and Perl 6) and the tools that make them possible. You'll walk away from it secure in the knowledge that your horizons have been expanded like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. Who knows, you might even be be bitten by a suspiciously compelling urge to implement a language on Parrot.