Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2001
August 2-4, 2001

Hogeschool Holland
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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YAPC Europe

Friday, 3 August 2001

The grey background denotes portions of the security track.

O'Reilly room $room[2] Iterative Software room
09:00-09:30 Welcome by Jouke Visser
09:30-10:30 Keynote by Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-11:45 POE by Artur "sky" Bergman, Contiller AB DNSSEC and extensions to Net::DNS by Olaf Kolkman, RIPE NCC PerlPoint: present and document with Perl by Lorenz Domke, Pixel GmbH and Jochen Stenzel, Pixel GmbH
11:45-12:30 mod_perl 2.0 by Gerald Richter, ecos gmbh Cryptographically Secure Anonymous Elections in Perl by Jan-Pieter Cornet, XS4ALL Internet B.V. Mutagenic Modules by Robin Houston, Kitsite Ltd.
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 CPAN Testing Service, or CPANTS. CPANTS Run. Run, PANTS, Run! by Michael G Schwern, Just Another Stupid Company Strict to porter - How use strict made me a perl5-porter by H. Merijn Brand e-smith server and gateway by Kirrily "Skud" Robert
14:40-15:05 Instant Compilers by Léon Brocard, Iterative Software
15:05-15:30 Lightning talks hosted by Frank Ederveen Quantum::Entanglement --- Perl gets (quantum) physical by Alex Gough Embperl - Building dynamic Websites with Perl by Gerald Richter
15:30-16:00 Break
16:00-16:20 Pathologically Polluting Perl with C, Java, and other Rubbish using by Brian "Ingy" Ingerson Tainting and Regexes by Hugo van der Sanden AxKit -- integrated XML processing solution by Jan Pazdziora, Masaryk University
16:20-17:05 Data Layer in Dynamic Applications and Presentation Formatting by Jan Pazdziora, Masaryk University
17:05-17:30 Lightning talks hosted by Léon Brocard Perl and Network Intrusion Detection Systems -- a summary and perspective by Scott A. McIntyre, XS4ALL Internet B.V. Interpreter based thread (ithreads) by Artur "sky" Bergman, Contiller AB

2 August: Marcel Grunauer has canceled. Gerald Richter will give 'Embperl - Building dynamic Websites with Perl' instead
9 July: Added keynote information

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