Welcome to the yapc::Europe website!

This year's conference is now over and links to text notes, slides, audio and video will soon be posted for as many talks and tutorials as possible, when available.

We also hope to list contact details for attendees and speakers (where their agreement is gained).

[What is yapc::Europe?]

YAPC::Europe was a grassroots, inexpensive Perl conference modelled on yapc (Yet Another Perl Conference). It was held in London, UK from the 22nd to the 24th September 2000.

Here you can see the original home page for yapc::Europe::2000.

[Mailing List]

Any questions about the conference should be directed to yapc-europe[at]lists.dircon.co.uk

[Thanks to}

Here is a list of who did what for yapc::Europe::2000.

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